Styling: 2 different style fonts- either two families, or two styles ex: bold, normal Tight leading Create guides- Fit to margins Margins: .25 Columns 3 gutter .1875 Rows 10 gutter .1875 Outline margins including gutters Outline column 1 including gutters Outline row 1 including gutters Dont go outside margins, start text directly underneath Text: Text boxes-body and title Inset spacing: .1875 Vertical justification: center Footnotes: No inset spacing Body vertical justification: top Alignment: up to you Outline text box: Stroke 1pt color: up to you Images: Align to rows Fitting: fill frame proportionally Layout: Section page left page: Colorfield excluding margins, (align to borders) Show chapters in structural way right page Row 1- title Span across whole spread title: colored/black background Body: same treatment as chapter page, span full column Chapter page Start on lefthand page Row 1- title Span across whole spread title, colored/black background Start on row 2: Column1- chapters, images, footnotes Show chapters in structural way align to rows Span full column Column 2-3 Body text Image page Images: span whole spread excluding column one on lefthand side Column 1: colored/black background, body text, footnotes/description/metadata of image

rule #1

rule #2