In the Lab
This is so humiliating:
I know I’m healthy
When I’m night driving to meet my needs
And there's Bloodcomb Jellyfish DNA
Crispred into my DNA bioluminescence hijacking
The scene I’m exchanging body for a witness.

Made out of celery or algae or neon
At this point.
Thud the tank, send me a hyperlink

Blue AI generated narration of my body
She's in the “the ocean” now, the shower,
Using a Dove bar soap, generating “innocent”
It’s cucumber scented. My orchid and my curtain
Are touching, “holding hands”. Computers and people

Computers and people
Will just invent anything. Inventing naturals things
Like a kiss through the screen,
9088099307, if you ever thought
About buying a glow in the dark fish:

Don't be shy, everyone is naturally in love with me:
Plugging a lime into the wall To light the scene
Where I’m luhboratory examining
If phytoplankton react to
Me telling them they’re healthy
Their bodies are humiliating little machines

It's so funny. Natural in pigtails when I’m lying
When I’m fat and when I’m swimming
Natural in Katherine’s poem
As a “jumbo shrimp”, “infinitely winning”
Don’t waste your time freezing my corpse
I’ll be alive the whole time.